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Volunteer Committees

FAME Scholarships Program

  • Mr. Zafar Agha , Chairman
  • Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Memon, Member
  • Mr. Darakhshan Memon, Member
  • Mr. Nusrat Lashari, Member


  • Dr. Aijaz Turk – Chairman
  • Mr. Masaood Ahmed Baloch, Member

Fund Raising

  • Dr. Ijaz Turk - Chairman


Sindh Rights

  • Mr. Iqbal Tareen, Chairman

Information Technology
  • Mr. Masaood Ahmed Baloch, Chairman
  • Mr. Aijaz Memon, Member
  • Mr. Rahim Laghari, Member

Sangat / Publications
  • Mr. Khalid Hashmani, Chairman
  • Mr. Feroze Ursani, Member

Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Mr. Sani Panhwar, Chairman

Human Rights
  • Mr. Aziz Narejo, Chairman
  • Mr. Ali Channa, Member


Community Welfare

  • Mr. Ali Channa, Member



  • Mr. Feroze Ursani, Chairman
  • Mr. Hafeez Abbasi, Medical Symposium
  • Mr. Rehman Soomro, Member
  • Mr. Mohd Ali Mehar, Member



  • Dr. Nazia Junejo, Chairperson



  • Mr. Asim Riaz Kaghazi, Chairman


Sindhi Language


Community Relations

  • Mr. Badar Shaikh, Chairman


To volunteer for any committee, CLICK HERE


SANA Advisory Council & Other Committees (1984-1990)
SANA Organizing Committee 1984
  1. Altaf Memon
  2. Javaid Laghari
  3. Anwar Memon
  4. Shankar Lakhavani
  5. Aftab Kazi

Membership Committee 1985
  1. Badar Shaikh - New York (Chair)
  2. Zahoor Siddiqui
  3. Hafeez Abbasi
  4. Faiz Mohammad Pirzado

Public Relations Committee 1986
  1. Aftab Kazi
  2. N. Qamar

Finance Committee 1986
  1. Israr Ansari
  2. N. Qammar

Legal and Business Affairs Committee 1986
  1. Javaid Laghari

Publications Committee
  1. Altaf Memon

  1. Altaf Memon
  2. Feroz Ahmed
  3. Razak Memon

SANA Advisory Committee 1988
  1. Shoukat Ansari
  2. Shankar Lakhwani
  3. Razak Memon
  4. Badar Shaikh (Mareyland)
  5. Amanullah Turk
  6. Asif Wafai
  7. Aftab Kazi
  8. Mohammad Ali Mahar
  9. Mahmood Qalbani
  10. Badar Shaikh (New York)
  11. Aijaz Turk
  12. Adam Khan Laghari
  13. Aijaz Abro

SANA Advisory Council (Joined in 1989)
  1. Irshad Kazi
  2. Husna Shaikh
  3. Zhahid Makhdoom
Education Committee
This committee will coordinate with various educational institutions in Sindh to facilitate student’s admissions to Universities in North America.


Asim Riaz Kaghazi

Responsibilities for the members of Education committee:
  1. To apprise Sindhi youth of the importance of modern education in the process of national and self-development.
  2. To provide information about the latest developments in science and technology, education and job opportunities, in the USA.
  3. To exchange ideas with Sindhi teachers, leaders and students about improving educational standards and consequently lobbying for the cause.

The aims and objectives of committee as discussed and consented by members.
  • Coordinate with educational institutions on various issues and explore ways and means to help them.
  • Work on tools that can help student community in Sindh in learning i.e dictionaries, encyclopedia, new letters etc.
  • Provide students in Sindh with information relating to educational institutions of developed world.
  • Promote use of Sindhi on internet i.e., deploying web pages in Sindhi as well as work on Sindhi email tools.
  • Help people living outside Sindh to learn Sindhi.

Committee Discussions
August 17, 2002
We [the Education Committee] met on August 17, 2002.
An hour and half was spend discussing issues ranging from scope of committee to ground rules to actual project that we need to undertake. During the course of meeting members came up with very important suggestions, some of them require further information so that decision can be made in coming meeting.

There were two decision made by the committee:
  1. Publishing of a Education Newsletter: This newsletter will include information regarding educational institutions in Developed world, a FAQ and sources / methods to be used for further information.
  2. Share the knowledge program: People from North America going back to Sindh for vacation or for some other purpose would be requested to spend some time in their respective educational institution [from where they have got education] or any other institution for Seminar / Lecture /Presentation, and share their expertise with students and teaching faculty.

The education committee will try its level best to coordinate the effort.

Using this opportunity, I will request the member on the list to send me following ASAP:
  1. Material that can be included in the Educational Newsletter,
  2. People who have plans to visit Sindh in coming months and who wish the join the "Share the knowledge program" to contact me.

I thank the members of the committee who came up with brilliant ideas including above mentioned two.

If we start even with small steps, we can go a long way, together. So let’s start.

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Sindhi Language Committee
My dear fellow Sindhis,

Our Sindhi language is a very old one unfortunately due to frequent attacks from outside and hostile attitude of rulers it did not develop and make much progress. It is due to Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai that it survived and is known in the world. We should be thankful to Britishers also who recognized its importance and got prepared a new arabic script for it. It is during British period that so many selected and important books were got translated in Sindhi. Besides that Shah-jo-risalo was compiled and printed in Germany in 1866 by Earnest Trumpp and with that sanction and at the expense of the Government of India. In his preface written to the first edition of Dr. Trumpp states (We humbly trust that by the publication of this volume a firm base may be gained for the study of a language, which though not widely spread, is in many points superior to any other modern language of India and well deserving the notice of the Linguist).

Now after Pakistan due attention is not being given to our sweet mother-tongue neither by our rulers nor by our own Sindhi people themselves. This second factor is most damaging and very unfortunate. As a matter of fact it is only and only with the help of and through its mother-tongue that a person creates something and learn properly and this is the considered opinion of all our scholars, educationist and teachers.

My Sindhi brothers we should always remember that a nation is known and recognized first by its language and than by good traditions of its culture. Nation always lives with its culture and dies with it.

I as a chairman of Sindhi language, SANA urge all of you that we should take all our efforts to save our sweet mother-tongue by taking all positive and practicable steps. We should all adopt Sindhi as our first love and see that everyone in the family is able to write, read and speak Sindhi.

Always remember "Be Sindhi Teach Sindhi".

Sajjad Siddiqui
Chairman Sindhi Language Committe, Sana
Vice President Sana 2002 - 2003.


Books on Sindhi Language
To promote Sindhi Language we have uploaded following books, if you want to contribute any material please mail it to address below. After scanning the material the original will be mailed back to you.

You can view and print the following books. Please note that many of the files on this page require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Due to large size of file it may take some time to open up the file, for your convenience all books are available in Image format also.
(download free software by clicking on the link below)
Image Format (Fast Loading) (page 1 through 16)
Image Format (Fast Loading) (page 17 through 40)
Image Format (Fast Loading) (page 1 through 18
Image Format (Fast Loading) (page 19 through 36)

Press Relations & Media Committee
This committee will be responsible for publication of Sangat and other material as needed and will also act as an Editorial Board of Sangat. Editor Sangat must be part of this committee. This committee will also be responsible to interact with media and Committee Chairman will act as spokesperson for SANA.

Aziz Narejo
Community Relations Committee
Dr Badar Shaikh, a Senior Member of SANA in Washington DC area has accepted to Chair SANA Community Relations Committee. Some of the objectives of the SANA Community Relations Committee are:
  1. To introduce new families/ individuals migrating to various Areas of USA and Canada. Familiarizing and guiding them to settle down.
  2. To introduce Sindhi Families to each other with young adults potential matrimonial.
  3. Help create friendships among our children.
  4. Keeping track of various happenings, e.g., births, wedding, graduations, etc., and reporting to SANGAT and SANA Line.
  5. Recognizing Sindhi's for their Outstanding accomplishments in their area of Expertise and Community Service during SANA Conventions.

SANA has urged the community to co-operate fully with Dr Badar Shaikh so these aims and objectives can be achieved. He can be reached at:
Phone: 301-827 8171 301-827 8171
Fax: 301-827-8170
Email: blshaikh@yahoo.com


Sindh Rights Committee
To accomplish SANA Objectives as outline in clause (2), (3), and (5) Section II of SANA Constitution. Iqbal Tareen will be the Chairman of this committee.

SANA Executive Council recently announced formation of various committees. I have been honored with the responsibility of chairing "Sindh Rights Committee". SRC will strive to work under the spirit of following objectives as outlined in the SANA Constitution:
  1. Sindh Rights Committee is "to endeavor for, and defend the historic national rights, including human rights, and rights of self determination of Sindhi people within their existing national territory".
  2. Sindh Rights Committee will "contact Sindhis living in different parts of the world, cooperate for common goals and purposes with their organizations"
  3. Sindh Rights Committee will strive to "cooperate with other individuals and organizations for human rights, social justice, world peace, cultural tolerance, international brotherhood, global disarmament, the eradication of world hunger, poverty and disease, and conservation of ecology".

The vision behind these goals constitutes SANA's core value system. These commandments have held us together for more than two decades now. The current state of Sindh and Sindhi people has once again challenged us to reach out and assume our moral duty and responsibility.

Thirty-three years (33) ago a handful of Sindhi youth dared to ride against the tide and turned the tables on Islamabad. Their cry for help triggered the mighty movements of Sindhi women, youth, writers, poets, workers, and intellectuals.

Thirty-three (33) years' later, after so many new schools & universities, thousands of publications, numerous political parties and organizations, hundreds and thousands of individual success stories, our nation is at its worst possible moment of its entire history. At the time of "4th March", Sindhi nation was asserting its national rights. Today it is fighting for its mere survival.

What went wrong? Weren't we supposed to be better off today than we were thirty three years ago? What happened on March 4, 1967 is not as important to understand as it is to rekindle the spirit, which followed soon after the great event.

Sindhi nation was a nation of dreamers. They knew the difference between seeing and dreaming. They decided to look beyond the obvious. Skepticism and cynicism had not caved in yet. People had converged to become a nation rather than highly individualized islands in an ocean. Their focus was Sindh and ideologies were only the vehicles to achieve common goals. Very seldom
did they ever transform their intellectual differences into personal feuds. The greatest strength lied in their willingness to unite on the common grounds. We can do that again because we know it has been done before.

SANA alone can't accomplish its constitutional obligations without reaching for help. SANA will do great service by including every willing individual and organization along its historic journey.

Between now and SANA's Annual Convention in July, Sindh Rights Committee's main task will be to facilitate a heart2heart dialogue between various Sindhi organizations and individuals. The objective of this meeting will be to arrive at the common goals and strategies.

We will respect, recognize, approach and invite all Sindhi organizations and individuals, which are engaged into bettering the lives of Sindhi people. SANA's SRC will not judge the integrity of any individual or organization. We will leave it to the history.

I accept the provisional chairmanship of SRC until the day of the "Meeting of minds". Final leadership and the shape of the committee will be decided during the meeting.

Over the next few days, I will call upon some community members to help me accomplish this task.

SRC will announce the committee members, format and schedule of the "Meeting of Minds" within the next 7-10 days.

Let us march forth. Let the faith lead us to patience and tolerance.


Iqbal Tareen
SANA's Sindh Rights Committee.
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