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Picnic and get together, Philadelphia, PA, Summer 2001

SANA Philadelphia Chapter was the most active chapter during the last quarter. They held two gatherings; both attended by a large number of people. The gatherings were well planned and well organized.

One of the meetings was attended by about 140 people. It was named a "Sindhi Shaam". About 65 people attended the other one.

Mr. Sajjad Siddiqui, Joint Secretary, SANA reported the weather was cloudy, about 80-degree temperature. It was one of the best days to have fun. People came from Philadelphia, suburbs, NJ & New York. Picnic Started at 11am.
The families who actively participated, included Zia Memon Vice President Sana & Yasmeen Memon (who came all the way from New York), Saeeda Abro & Dr. Ali Abro NJ, Koh Sher & family NJ, Falak Sher & family NJ, Kamran Hamirani & family NJ, Jamil Qazi & family NJ, Maqbool Patoli & family NJ, Naveed Soomro & family NJ, Nadeem Junejo & family NJ, Salahuddin Abbassi family PA, Nazir Memon family PA, Wazir Memon family PA, Pervaiz Mufti family PA, Mr. Nooruddin Sarki & family PA, Ahmer Memon & family PA, Mazhar Memon & family PA, and Zia Mufti & family PA.

Each and every kid enjoyed the picnic. Picnic that ended at 8pm
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