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Sindhi shaam, Philadelphia, PA - May 12th 2001

On nignt of May 12th first SANA Sindhi Shaam ever in Philadelphia region was a hit. Believe it or not the Hall was full of our Sindhi brothers and sisters and of course children were running around. Approximately 140 people attended the gathering out of them 20 were children. Hall capacity was 160. We had wonderful program which includes speeches by regional secretary, vice president, Joint Secretary, local Philadelphia chapter president ada Mazhar Memon. Plus children talent show, sindhi quiz heavily participated by children. Awards and gifts were given out to children which were donated by ada Roshan Shaikh and myself (Sajjad Siddiqui).

Music started at 930 PM which we are very very thankful to Ada Ustad Mazhar Hussain. He was great. Wow what a singer he is. Most of Sindhi brothers started dancing on the flour on famous Sindhi songs. Thanks to Ada Mazhar Hussain and we are proud of him.

Former founders Ada Khalid Hashmani, DC and Ada Badar Shaikh, NY were among the guests. People came from NewYork, NewJersey, DC, Virginia and Maryland. Three other individuals contributed to the function: Adi Kamar Siddiqui also sang a couple of melodies which were very well received and appreciated; Dr. Roshan Shaikh provided orientation on Sindh and philanthropic work for Sindh; and Adi Naseem Memon conducted talent show.

Well gathering was over by famous Sindhi song "Ho Jamalo" by midnight. Ada Badar Shaikh and Ada Mazhar Memon, Roshan Shaikh, Zahid Shaikh, Sohail Ansari and plus were among the good dancers on "Ho Jamalo".

From Ladies great contribution to the program was from Adi Saeeda Abro, Adi Khursheed Shaikh, Adi Mrs Zia Memon, Adi Naseem Memon, Adi Amina Mufti and of course my lovely wife Dr. Shehla Siddiqui.

Thanks to Ada Badar Shaikh, Ada Zia Memon, Ada Mazhar Memon, Ada Zia Mufti who made this program possible. Thanks to all our adiyoon for great contribution to the program. Without all of you we may have not done it.

Biggest family group was from Ada Falak Sher and Ada Kosher 12 members of their family were in the gathering. Thank you for participating in the program.

Thanks to all of you.
Sajjad Siddiqui.
Joint Secretary
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