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  Picnic and get together, Torrance California - December 30th 2001

On the call of SANA West Coast Regional Secretary, Ashraf Memon, Sindhis residing in Greater Los Angeles area got together on December 30th 2001 at El Retiro Park, Torrance California. It, certainly, was a great party. Around one hundred people attended the one dish party. Many came to attend from far away localities. We had, Mr. & Mrs. Basheer Kazi from Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. & Mrs. Anwar Jatoi and Dr. & Mrs. Masood Shaikh from Yuma, Arizona, Tofeeq Shah from San Diego was there, and so was Mr. & Mrs. Mansoor Shah from the same city. Mr. & Mrs. Rafi Panhwar came from Palm Springs to join the fun. We also had the privilege to have company of Mr. & Mrs. Rehman Shaikh of Canada who were visiting Los Angeles. Besides local participants, Mr. & Mrs. Umed Laghari, Senior Vice Chairman WSC and recently arrived from Saudi Arabia, Adi Khursheed Mahar with her daughters gave us the pleasure of their company.

A chili rain damped the weather but not the spirits. Everyone brought the delicious dishes and we had the taste of all. Lots of prizes were given away through the ruffle tickets. A TV set, DVD, Microwave Oven, Telephones and time clocks were among the many.

Erstwhile Regional Secretary Mr. Manzoor Shah, recently arrived from Pakistan, filled us with the ever-depressing news from the old county. Specially, news about the clouds of war hanging over Indo-Pak subcontinent.

Photos can be seen on the below. We are thankful to all who came and honored us with their presence. And to those who made this gathering a memorable event.

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