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Get together, Eid Milan party and Sindhi Language Day, Toronto, Canada - March 2nd 2002

On Saturday, the 2nd day of March 2002, once again the SANA Toronto Chapter took a leadand celebrated Eid Milan with the largest attendance in its history.  Community Hall in the Centre of 263, 373 and 283 Pharmacy Road, which once looked big, with sindhi families all around looked really small on 2nd March.

People started gathering at 4:00p.m, as planned.  They came from all over Ontario Province, right from Kaladar in one end about 2 ½ hours drive from east of Toronto to Niagara Falls 2 ½ hours drive from the south west of Toronto.

The evening proceedings started at 7:30p.m. with an recitation from the Holly Quran by Shahid Mughal .  Mr. Hussain Uqaili acted as the moderator.  Mr. Shahnawaz Shah was called upon to speak on the occasion as the Regional Secretary, SANA, who emphasized upon more such gatherings. The formal elections of the Toronto Chapter were conducted by me, As usual all the names proposed by various members were approved unanimously.

I welcomed all the participants and spoke on the importance of Sindhi Language.  Mr. Shafique Ansari highlighted the culture, language and speaking on the importance of 4thday of March, as it is the history of Sindh and its youth.  Mr. Ansari gave a historical perspective and remembrance of the day when Sindh University students were beaten and fired upon on their way from Jamshoro to Hyderabad, near Rajputana Hospital.  This day is, therefore being celebrated as the Sindhi Language day.
Shafique Ansari also placed a proposal for the approval of the general body, whereby he emphasized on nominating an executive committee of 46 members, due to the inflow of Sindhi’s in Canada, especially in Toronto, where, an average of 5-6 families are arriving from Sindh as immigrants every month. The formation of executive committee was approved unanimously and members were elected right away.  The new body together with the executive committee is as follows:
President Mr. Shafique Ansari
Vice President Mrs.  Farida Hussain Uqaili
General Secretary Mr. Bashir Memon
Treasurer Mrs. Shamim Patoli
EC Member Mr. Tariq Surahiyo
EC Member Mr. A. Rehman Shaikh
EC Member Mr. Mr. Ghanshiyam Rajani
EC Member Mr. Shahid Moghal
EC Member Mrs. Fariha Riaz Ansari
It was emphasized by all the office bearers that senior Sindhis, living in Toronto should participate in SANA functions regularly, so that the new comers might be encouraged more.

Ali Hyder as General Secretary of Toronto Chapter gave an annual report to the participants. Also the balance sheet of expenses and contributions by the members were presented for their knowledge.

Formal proceedings ended with vote of thanks from the president and request to the participants to proceed to the dinning table as the dinner was served.

There was lots of variety in Sindhi Food.  Everybody enjoyed the dinner, which was followed by dessert.

Games were arranged by Annie Patoli, Sehrish Ansari, Iqra Patoli and Roohum Syed Lots of the children received awards and prizes.  The evening ended with “Ho Jamalo”.

Thus this Eid Milan party and Sindhi language day ended with great success and with the aspiration to have such meetings on regular basis and with increased frequency.

It was decided to have summer gathering (out door) in the month of August.

Fazal Ahmed Patoli
Ex-President SANA
Toronto Chapter.
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