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Picnic and Chapter Elections, Washington DC - July 20th 2003

A large number of Sindhis attend wonderful Washington DC SANA picnic
More than 100 local Sindhis attended SANA picnic at Fawn Shelter in Seneca Creek park on Sunday, July 20, 2003. In addition, several visitors to the area including senator Mandhro, Professor Lachman Khubchandani, Dodo Meheri and Shayam Lal joined the day of fun and katchahary.

The organizers had done a wonderful job by selecting a secluded area surrounded by lake, woods and walking trails. The Fawn Shelter was equipped with children's play ground that they loved so much that they just they left their parents alone to have their own katchahry. The food assignment worked by the organizers were so good that there was a plenty of delicious food, picnic snacks, dessert, soft drinks, and tea. In addition to games for children, the adults were equally at ease with balloon competition. Most children won prizes and were seen challenging each other at another round games at the next picnic. Gifts were also given to several guests and newly wed Mr. and Mrs Nadeem Talpur.

The annual elections of the Washington DC SANA chapter attracted intense interest. Several candidates were nominated but in the end, the gathering unanimously elected Adi Yasmeen Memon as President, Adi Renu Ahuja as Vice President, and Ada Mansoor Qureshi as General Secretary. The outgoing chapter leadership was thanked with a huge round of claps.

Indeed it was a wonderful picnic with plenty of Sindhiat and qurub. Every one thanked organizers, who had indeed showed unmatched organization.
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