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Award for Academic Year 2012-2013 FAME Fund / Home  

(This announcement will also be Mehran TV and Sindh based newspaper.  Friends are requested to forward this message to other Sindh based internet listings)


SANA Dr. Feroz Ahmed Memorial Educational (FAME) Scholarships Program


A Merit/Income Based Financial Assistance for Sindhi Students
SANA simply helps them to achieve their dream


For the award of SANA FAME Scholarships for the academic Year 2012-2013, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) will award 54 scholarships to the deserving Sindhi undergraduate students who are obtaining education in universities or colleges in Pakistan.  The scholarships will be awarded covering Six (6) programs.  This message only covers invitation of applications for the Program #5.  This scholarship program covers:


Students of Undergraduate Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.
Total 10 Scholarships, each $250.00.


(For remaining programs, separate announcements will be made during this month)


For the above program, applications are invited from the undergraduate students who are obtaining education covering Social Sciences and Humanities courses such as History, Economics, Psychology, Political Sciences, Education, Linguistics, Criminology, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, Performing Arts (Music, Drama, Painting, Drawing, ….), etc.
This scholarship program is mainly for those Sindhi students who has good academic record and belong to very low income Sindhi families.


Application forms available here on SANA website.


For completing and forwarding applications, please read carefully the following instructions:


Scholarships for Students of Undergraduate Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Application Schedule.


As specified above, the SANA website provides complete details including schedule for this scholarship program.

  • April March 30, 2013 - Last date for receiving applications.
  • April 30, 2013- Announcement of successful applicants on Sanalist and SANA website.


 Note: The list of successful applicants is announced on the SANA website and on Sanalist.  Also each successful applicant will be informed via e-mail address provided in their completed forms.   The successful applicants will be asked to provide the bank details to SANA Treasurer so that funds can be transferred to their account.


The Application Procedure
Read carefully the following instructions:

First step is to obtain the documentation as described under title The Attachments.


The application forms (Undergraduate category) are available at SANA website for printing (also attached with this message).  The completed forms and the copies of documents shall be mailed at the following address.

The completed form, with above attachments, is to be mailed via regular mail (post).


Note:  Please do not mail (post) your application by registered mail (post).
FAME Scholarships
C/O Ghulam Memon
9112 Harbor Hills Drive,
Houston, Texas 77054, USA


The Attachments.

The properly completed form is to be attached with following documents.  Please read the instruction as mentioned below under Note:

  • Proof of admission in the University/College
  • Copy of Entry Test Result
  • Copy of Domicile
  • Attendance Record of the current semester
  • Attested copies of mark sheets for Class X, Class XII, and university examinations mentioned in the form
  • Original family income certificate
  • An autobiographical essay (one page), hand written in English or Sindhi.


Note: For attaching above documents, please note the following:

  • For documents 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, obtain the photo-copies.  Each photo-copy shall be properly attested with the signature and stamp of the person attesting the documents.
  • For document 6, the original certificate shall be attested as above. The document 7 shall be attached in original.


The Selection Procedure.

The review and selection process is conducted by the combined team of the SANA FAME Scholarship Committee. The application review process includes separation of application forms in various specified categories and the review of applicant’s information on forms and on the attached documents.  Based on this review process, the applications are ranked as per the merit and the family's yearly earnings.


Any application received during this review period is also included in the process.


For enquiries the e-mail address is: fame_fund@sbcglobal.net


The committee for SANA FAME Scholarships Program is committed to conduct this process in completely unbiased and the best possible way.


SANA FAME Scholarship Selection Committee
Darakhshan Memon
Ghulam Mohiuddin Memon
Valeed Shahikh
Zafar Agha

FAME Scholarships Program Procedure
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