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The association shall consists of:
  1. Life member (individual or husband and wife)
  2. Regular Members with individual and family sub categories
  3. Honorary Members
Life Members
  1. All members residing anywhere in North America by payment of the life membership fee can become life members of the Association.
  2. Life Members shall have the same privileges as enjoyed by regular members.
Regular Members
  1. All Sindhis residing anywhere in North America by payment of the annual fee can become regular members of the association.
  2. Regular Members shall have the right to vote, nominate candidates and be eligible to hold any office of the association.
  3. Membership in this category will be valid for 12 months from the first day of July 1st through June 31st of the next year, regardless of when the dues have been paid. Membership will be renewed every July 1st.
Honorary Members
  1. Distinguished persons who support the aims and objectives of the Association irrespective of their nationality can be invited by the Executive Council to become Honorary Members. The members in this category will maintain their membership unless terminated by EC for cause.
  2. Any member (s) of other category(ies) can recommend these nominations for membership of this category to the Executive Council for consideration.
  3. These member (s) shall pay no fees and enjoy no voting and/or election rights. They may, however, be appointed to any special purpose committees.
Individual and Family Members
  1. These sub categories are available only to regular members.
  2. For the purpose of the SANA membership, the "Family Membership" is defined to consist of wife, husband and their children who are below 18 years of age and reside in North America. In case of a family membership, both spouses shall have all membership rights and privileges including voting and election rights. The dependent children may enjoy all other rights and privileges.
Active and Inactive Membership
  1. Any member except an honorary member or life member who ceases to pay annual membership fee shall be considered as an inactive member.
  2. An inactive member will loose all the rights and privileges of membership.
  3. An inactive member will be removed from the Association if inactivity persists for more than two consecutive years.
  4. The Executive Council may consider extensions in the period of inactivity on case by case basis.
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