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Community Outreach Program
SANA President, Dr Valeed Shaikh Met Community Members In Houstan,TX
Social Gatherings
Eid Millan Meeting, Edison, NJ, September - 10th 2011
Picnic and get together Houston, TX, November - 30th 2003
Picnic and chapter elections, Washington DC - July 20th 2003
Picnic and get together, Torrance California - June 15th 2003
Piscataway get together, New Jersey - June 1st 2002
Get together, Eid Milan party Toronto, Canada - March 2nd 2002
Washington DC get together - 30th March 2002
Picnic and get together, Torrance California - December 30th 2001
Sindhi shaam, Philadelphia, PA - May 12th 2001
Picnic and get together, Philadelphia, PA, Summer 2001
Protest and Rallies
Rally in New York - September 6th 2000
Washington DC rally - May 18th 2001
Sana/WSI/WSC joint rally Washington DC - June 24th 2003
Sana/WSI/WSC joint rally Los Angeles California - June 27th 2003
Sad News
Asar Abbasi, a young community member in Houston, TX was shot dead on Dec 21, 09
46-year-old Ghulam Farooq robbed and stabbed to death on Dec 20, 2010 in Baltimore, MD
Political Activities
Chairman SANA Election Commission 2010, Mr. Badar Shaikh announced the election results
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