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46-year-old Ghulam Farooq robbed and stabbed to death on Dec 20, 2010 in Baltimore, MD

BALTIMORE -- 46-year-old Ghulam Farooq, a green card holder Sindhi living in USA since 2002, was robbed and stabbed to death in Severn at about 7 p.m. Saturday while he was trying to deliver food to the Meade Village Apartments.

Farooq worked for Pizza Boli's. The branch's manager said when he didn't come back, they started to worry. "We were waiting and waiting, and he wasn't coming back," said Pizza Boli's Manager Javed Angun. Officers said witnesses reported seeing a man lying in the roadway. Farooq was taken to Shock Trauma, where he died. Angun said Farooq was working to send money back to his family in Pakistan. His wife and four kids were victims of heavy
flooding there over the summer. "He was a very nice guy -- very hardworking and humble. So, everybody's very sad here," Angun said. "What's going on in the mind of the person who does something like this --to take the life of a man who was so friendly and nice and genuine." - Mark Devore, Pizza Boli's Patron

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